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Chiropractic Care

Dr Paul Klich adjusting a patient's spineChiropractic care is a hands-on, drug-free approach to health care that centers on the health of the brain and spinal cord, better known as the central nervous system, as it relates to the systematic functions of the entirety of the human body. Kirwan Complete Care is proud to provide quality care performed by leading professionals.

How does it help?

Because nervous system is responsible for coordinating all functions of the body, any unwelcome pressure on parts of that system will cause interference that results in abnormal communication between your nervous system and the rest of your body. A chiropractor’s central focus is revitalising this communication to promote decreased pain and discomfort. While adjustments can be uncomfortable, they are usually pain-free and done within a timely manner. Most patients experience quick, if not immediate, relief.

Adjustment Techniques

Chiropractic care can be performed through various adjustment techniques. Employed techniques are chosen based on the patient’s unique needs and future goals. While there are several methods used to maintain spinal health, Kirwan Complete Care gravitates towards the Diversified Technique, Thompson Technique, and Activator Method Chiropractic Technique.

Diversified Technique

One of the oldest and most frequently utilised spinal manipulations, Diversified Technique entails a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust that results in bringing the spine or joint back into alignment and restoring range of motion in the problem area. The idea behind this methodology is that the short, quick pressure applied by the chiropractor allows for a release of tension in the muscles or joints that ultimately leads to pain relief and a reduction of other symptoms, such as stiffness.

Thompson Technique

Thompson Technique, also known as Drop Table, involves a specialised, segmented treatment table that drops a short distance upon prompting, allowing for a lighter, more comfortable adjustment. Often accompanying other techniques, this gentle methodology quickly lowers the section of the patient’s body that corresponds with the spinal region being adjusted, which in turn facilitates the movement of the joint and restoration of range of motion.

Activator Method

An alternative to the Thompson Technique, the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique is a treatment system used by commonly used by chiropractors to address symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, and headaches. With the help of a small, handheld instrument called the Activator Adjusting Instrument, a gentle pulse of force is delivered to the spine with goal of reinstating motion to the intended spinal vertebra or joint.

Want to Learn More?

Chiropractic has been known to successfully treat patients of all ages and backgrounds, including high-profile athletes such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, and more. Contact our office to learn more about the quality chiropractic care we offer and become a patient today!

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