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Infrared Sauna Therapy in Townsville

patient drinking close upAt Kirwan Complete Care, we are passionate about providing comprehensive and personalised care plans that prioritise your overall wellbeing. That’s why, besides our chiropractic services, we offer an innovative approach to relaxation and healing through infrared sauna therapy.

What Are the Benefits?

Infrared saunas offer many benefits that can enhance your physical and mental health. The primary benefits include:

Better Sleep: Experience improved sleep quality and duration with regular infrared sauna sessions.

Relaxation: Relieve stress and tension as the gentle heat soothes your body and mind.

Detoxification: Remove toxins from your body through sweat, promoting overall wellness.

Weight Loss: Burn calories and support weight loss efforts through increased metabolism.

Muscle Relief: Alleviate sore muscles and promote faster recovery after physical exertion.

Joint Pain Relief: Find relief from joint pain conditions such as arthritis, enhancing mobility.

Skin Health: Enjoy clearer, tighter skin and improved complexion through increased circulation.

Improved Circulation: Enhance blood flow, delivering vital nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support: Find relief from symptoms associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Stress Reduction: Achieve a state of calm and relaxation while reducing anxiety levels.

Enhanced Relaxation: Indulge in a peaceful and rejuvenating experience, promoting overall wellbeing.


How Infrared Sauna Therapy Works

Unlike traditional saunas, our full-spectrum infrared saunas harness the power of infrared rays to heat your body directly. This unique approach offers several advantages and benefits:

  • Restorative – Our full-spectrum infrared saunas provide a restorative sweat session.
  • Visible Colour Light – The therapeutic beauty of visible colour light complements the infrared rays for an optimal sauna experience.
  • Elimination of Harmful UV Rays – Our saunas eliminate the harmful UV rays associated with sunlight exposure.
  • Improved Circulation – Experience increased blood flow, promoting better nutrient and oxygen delivery to your body’s tissues.
  • Increased Metabolism – Boost your metabolism, supporting weight loss and overall vitality.
  • Improved Skin Tone – Achieve clearer and more radiant skin through enhanced blood circulation.
  • Detoxification – Sweat out toxins from your body, supporting your natural detoxification process.

Complementing Chiropractic Care

Infrared sauna therapy offers additional benefits that can complement chiropractic care for various conditions and health concerns. This therapy is particularly beneficial for musculoskeletal conditions, relieving joint pain, muscle tension, and inflammation. It can also enhance the effects of chiropractic adjustments by promoting spinal alignment and overall wellness. Additionally, infrared sauna therapy supports faster recovery and rehabilitation after injuries or surgeries. It can also alleviate stress-related symptoms, allowing for a more beneficial chiropractic adjustment.

What to Expect

Maintain healthy hydration levels by drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your session. Wear comfortable, lightweight clothing to maximise exposure to infrared light. It’s also a good idea to have a light and healthy snack 30-60 minutes before your session to maintain energy levels.

Start with a temperature of 46 degrees and an intensity of 75% for 45 minutes. Then, gradually increase the temperature as you become more comfortable. Use this time to focus on your breath, meditate, or enjoy calming music to enhance relaxation.

Afterwards, give your body time to cool down by relaxing in the sauna with the door open. Move to a cooler area or take a cool shower to help regulate your body temperature.

Start Experiencing the Benefits

Discover the transformative benefits of infrared sauna therapy at Kirwan Complete Care by booking an appointment today!



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