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no_gap_bannerReduce Pain & Increase Mobility With Active Release Therapy

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If you are suffering from long-standing ailments like tennis elbow, knee pain, foot pain, frozen shoulder, scar tissues build up, joint pain, or other health concerns, Active Release Therapy at Kirwan Complete Care care may bring about great recovery in a short time frame. Common benefits of Active Release Technique include:

  • Rapid recovery
  • Pain reduction through non-invasive treatment
  • Injury prevention
  • Increased overall performance

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Affordable, Drug-Free Treatment In Kirwan

Kirwan Complete Care utilises the Active Release Technique, a hands-on methodology that aims to provides pain relief through the correction of inhibited soft tissue function. Primarily used to help reduce pain and limited mobility, it can also be used by athletes to encourage injury prevention and performance enhancement.

At Kirwan Complete Care, we offer on-the-spot private health rebates for all of our allied health services. You can get started today with your first Chiropractic Consultation GAP FREE for health fund members.

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Is Active Release Therapy Right For You?

  • Do you sit in an office all day? ART can treat back, lower back and neck pain.
  • Do you lift weights? ART can address frozen shoulder and increase range of motion.
  • Do you play tennis or golf? ART can alleviate tennis elbow and reduce wrist pain.
  • Does your job require strenuous lifting? ART can reduce lower back pain and increase hip mobility.
  • Do you run long-distance? ART can address shin splints and ankle pain.
  • Do you have previous injuries? ART can reduce scare tissue.

Get relief no matter what your activity level or source of pain.

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